Five of Cups

I made this piece for the Millenium Jewelry contest. It features two Tarot cards: the 5 of cups and the ace of wands.

The five of cups (two standing in back of him( the cloaked figure)), two spilled in from of him. the fifth a silver cup attached to the fringe on side) was inspired by the card in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. The five of cups is the card of the crossroads. At the cusp of the millenium, it seemed appropiate because it denotes the end of an old life/millenium, but the prospects of exciting new developments in the near future. The bag is worked in square stitch with delicas; the cloaked figure is 3-D and has 3 layers of square stitch on his sleeve, the fringe is corkscrew fringe created by increasing square stitch onto regular fringe.

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